Video: DSG 240RS Maxi @ COMSCC NJMP Thunderbolt 11/4/10

Another nice incar action video clip from one of our dealers DSR.

Words from Bill (240rsmaxi)
“An excellent weekend for the maxi after a 4 month hiatus due to a severe overheat at Duryea Hillclimb (due to severe pilot error!). Day 1 practice saw only a few laps in driving rain so pre-time trial on track time was very limited. Almost nipped Bruce Allen’s Van Diemen but a 3rd gear issue halfway through the third timed lap will leave the battle for another day. Not sure on the proper time but Scot recorded a 1:28.02 on the second lap. The car has 1:25s in it, the driver just needs more time on the track.”

YouTube: 240rsmaxi

Tomei 280/12.5 Procams
Tomei Solid Pivots/Lifters
Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulleys
Tomei N2 Baffled Oversized Oil Pan
Tomei Headgasket 1.1mm
Tomei Technical Trax LSD – Converted to 1.5way and with custom settings

Thank you Bill Washburn

Text from Dent Sport Garage (Authorised Tomei Dealer)

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