Warning: vinstore10 – Tomei Knockoff Seller on eBay

We have been informed by another Tomei supporter about a fake Tomei fuel pressure regulator that he had purchased from a seller on eBay.com.au It’s a shame that eBay is not helpful with preventing counterfeit items being sold on their site. So here is our warning message to innocent buyers out there. usually when the price and advertisement looks too good to be true, quiet often it is. (click on image to enlarge) This seller has even found a company who made an all new fake Tomei Fuel Pressure Guage too. This one is different in colour and design on the internal face by appearance. So that is an easier tell tale sign of a fake item seller. Having looked through their items for sale, there is a strong chance that more counterfeit items of other brands are being sold by this seller as well. WARNING: THESE ITEMS ARE NOT MADE BY TOMEI POWERED. IF YOU USE THESE ITEMS ON YOUR CAR, YOU RUN THE RISK OF POTENTIALLY DAMAGING YOUR CAR. THESE ARE ALSO A POTENTIAL FIRE RISK HAZARD. We have been contacted by a few unfortunate end users who had lost their cars and engines to these fake items which have not been quality inspected properly. More information available here on how to tell the difference with a fake Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator and the Genuine Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator. This eBay seller’s ID is Vinstore10 Vinstore10 eBay Shop Link Fake Tomei Item Listing READ ABOUT THE TOMEI REPORT ON THE FAKE FUEL PRESSURE REGULATORS HERE If you find any more please CONTACT US to let us  know. REAL GENUINE TOMEI ITEMS Thank you Kyle for brining this to our attention!


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