NEW!: Expreme Ti Titanium Muffler for 86 BRZ FRS

Title-86BRZFRS-Muffler Dramatic weight reduction & performance gains throughout the entire powerband for the Toyota 86/ Subaru BRZ/ Scion FRS. Our high-quality, high-performance muffler that was specifically created for the performance minded end user. We had developed our own special material to achieve the quality and performance needed. In terms of functionality, the internal structure of the silencer and the layout were designed as straight as possible. With 3 muffler designs available, to suit various tuning needs. To cover all 86/BRZ/FRS tuning trends. This is the clear distinguishing factor of our EXPREME Ti series mufflers. 60s Lift-60s TYPE-60S KIT CONTENTS PART NUMBER: 440019 Kit-type60s 60r Lift-60r TYPE-60R  KIT CONTENTS PART NUMBER: 440020 Kit-type60r 80 Lift-80 TYPE-80 KIT CONTENTS PART NUMBER: 440021 Kit-type80 APPLICATION: 86/BRZ(JDM USDM)/FRS 6M/T 2012+ MSRP $1,090.00 (USD) ※ FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY.   CHASSIS DYNO TEST DATA Dyno-CIMG3597Our vehicle testing , Dyno-CIMG3598   Is done on this AWD DynoTech Dyno. This AWD dyno is the new verson from Dyno Dynamics from Australia. Dyno-6 Dyno-CIMG3600 WEIGHT COMPARISON STOCK 17.4kg (38.36 lbs) TYPE-60S 6.4kg (14.11 lbs) = 11.0 kg (24.25 lbs) weight reduction! TYPE-60R 4.6kg (10.14 lbs) = 12.8 kg (28.22 lbs) weight reduction! TYPE-80 7.3kg (16.09 lbs) = 10.1 kg (22.27 lbs) weight reduction! EXHAUST TEST LEVELS Exhaust-noise OUR ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN Our design gives top priority to weight reduction and exhaust flow efficiency. Not too thick and not too thin. To maximize performance gains without sacrificing torque. 86brzfrs-chart TOMEI DESIGN RACING LAYOUT TOMEI * TYPE-60R MODEL 86brzfrs-layout   86brzfrs-StockMuffler banner-2013-86fest-6