EVENTS : Drift Matsuri Summer

The Drift Matsuri events are becoming more and more popular with the overseas visitors. This time the summer event fell after the Obon holidays. This made it a lot harder for most Japanese who had to work and could not make the trip up to Ebisu Circuit. The upside was, the place was left almost entirely for the international visitors. And they all made maximum use of the tracks and ample space. You can only guess how much fun these boys and some girls had. Almost all of which had their practice Missiles there to have fun in. Here is the famous D1GP Driver Daigo going hard with his famous JZX90.  It’s normal to see some D1GP drivers here having fun with the non stop all you can drift event. MISSILES = near stock popular RWD cars, that are bought cheap and used for drift practice. Since they are bought cheap, the user will not worry about damaging it. The main purpose IS for refining their skills in Drifting. Some misconceptions are that the Japanese buy these to purposely destroy them. This is not true. But there are some exceptions where some are being stupid and intentionally going for the walls. The most popular Missiles are S-Chassis Nissans that are powered with the SR20 engines (Silvias, 180SX), RWD Skylines both 2 & 4 doors with RB20 & RB25 as well as 2 & 4 door Toyotas that are powered with the 1JZ and 2JZ engines. Popular engine upgrades for Drift cars are – Tomei Technical Trax LSDTomei Poncams CamshaftsTomei ARMS turbosTomei Rocker Arm StoppersTomei EXPREME HeadersTomei EXPREME Turbo down pipesTomei Metal Head Gaskets For more photos and information of the Drift Matsuri Summer round, you can see the posts by Dino Dalle Carbonare on SUMMER DRIFT MATSURI 2010 – PT.1 SUMMER DRIFT MATSURI 2010 – PT.2 SUMMER DRIFT MATSURI 2010 – PT.3 SUMMER DRIFT MATSURI 2010 – PT.4


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