VIDEO: Mark’s Advan Hi Octane Racing R34 GTR – WTAC Test Video

This video is a little old, but still a good one showing Mark Berry testing his Advan Hi Octane Racing R34 Skyline Time Attack car at Eastern Creek Raceway. This was the preparation for the 2010 World Time Attack Challenge that was on back in May this year. This car is running a number of Tomei Powered products in the engines cylinder head. The Cylinder head is still the RB26 head with the RB30 Hi Octane Racing special bottom end. Tomei products installedTomei RB26 Camshafts 280 x 10.8mm liftTomei RB26 Adjustable Cam GearsTomei RB26 Cam Cap StudsTomei RB26 Solid Valve Lifters (Buckets)Tomei RB26 Type-B Valve SpringsTomei RB26 Head Gasket KitTomei RB26 Headlight ScoopTomei RB26 Head Studs details from our Australian Dealer Hi Octane Racing Hi Octane Racing, Authorised Tomei Powered Dealer. MotiveDVD YouTube Channel MotiveDVD Recommended : ADVAN A050 R-Spec Tires Why? Well we need results and the ADVAN A050 R-Specs soft compound is designed to heat up quickly, and is designed for Time Attack, Supersprint, Lap Dash, Gymkhana and Hillclimb events. Where to buy these tires? AUSTRALIA: from your nearest TIRES & MORE NORTH AMERICA: JAPAN: EUROPE:


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