Tomei User: Urban Racings ECR33 Drift Car

This is Urban Racing’s second Drift demo car.

It is fitted with some Tomei Powered products, and is was used at some events in the past.

We’ve been told that there are not that many Skylines in France, so seeing one like this makes us all the more happier.  What’s in the pipeline for the future of this car has yet to be seen. We are sure that many in France will be seeing a lot more from this car in the near future. Also Tomei is making some more new products for this cars engine type too.

Urban Racing is on of Tomei Powered’s official dealers and they offer great support and carry a wide range of the Tomei range in stock.

As for the Silvia in the background, you can see more of that car from here.

TOMEI Fuel Regulator
TOMEI Timing Belt
TOMEI Adjustable Cam Pulley
TOMEI Exhaust Manifold
TOMEI Outlet Pipe
TOMEI Oil baffle



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