The Reason for TOMEI to Cross the Equator

When our close friends, Mr. Ian Baker (of Superlap and Hi Octane Racing) and Mr. Christian Hansen (from Yokohama Tire Australia) approached us with the invitation to the World Time Attack Challenge, it was an offer we just could not refuse.

Seeing that this well organised world class event being much bigger than any time attack event in Japan. We knew we had to go and be a part of it!  Our car has only competed in the USA and in Japan,  after the response from it being displayed at the Asia Autosalon in Singapore, we knew that this was just the beginning.

Just to be at the event and running with great cars like the world famous Advan/ Hi Octane Racing BNR34 Skyline will be great. Seeing this car is running a lot of Tomei products as well makes us love the car even more LOL. We can’t wait to see Mark Berry in action with this Advan looking monster from down under.

If you enjoy the video, there’s more available from MOTIVE DVD by Jet Multimedia (youTube).


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Motive DVD


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