Tomei User: RB26 Powered OneVia in Australia!

Introducing Jake Jones, Professional Drift Driver in Australia. Jake is well known down under for his high powered slide machine, that sticks out from the rest. Jake is running the Tomei Powered Technical Trax 2 Way LSD. With the amount of power running though this car. There is no better option for Jake than to use the Tomei Powered 2 Way differential. Designed for the harsh use that drifting gives. Wide, low and aggressive looking,  just the way I like. Jake knows how to style his car well, Casey does a great job of capturing that too in his photos. The smoke screen effect. Jake prefers to buy his products from our dealer, Hi Octane Racing in Sydney Australia Drifting downunder. Hi Octane Racing, Authorised Tomei Powered Dealer. You can get more information on Jake the Drift Squid from his website blog here caseyjohnphotography ShirtStuckedin Hi Octane Racing TOMEI Website


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