Video: Another look at Yokohama WTAC 2010

The world’s best time-attack event now has the best time-attack DVD to go with it. 2-hours of action from the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2010 held at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney, Australia. Over 6 cameras covered the action over two days with every pro class car captured in every session, on every corner. Behind the scenes coverage and exclusive interviews take you through everything that happened at the event. Hi-def on-board cameras capture the action from the drivers seat and the DVD takes a closer look at the Wynns Pro Class cars. There’s also Clubsprint and Open Class coverage and all the off-track entertainment. A full feature on the Tectaloy Drift Challenge takes care of the sideways fans and there is plenty of bonus material to enjoy. 2 hours of time attack action available from Get your copy at By MotiveDVD


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