Tomei User: S-Chassis in Italy!

S14 Zenki from the land of fashion, exotic cars and the Godfather.

Morgan lives in Italy, where there are many nice cars and other things. But his heart is in Nissan, Japan and Drifting.

Morgan here is hooked on Drifting.

Here is Morgan at the home of Drift, Ebisu Circuit in Japan.

New parts for his engine build.

Tomei Pistons and Connecting Rods.

New Crank and bolts ready to go!

His block getting prepped for the upgrade.

More goodies for the head as well!

Ready for the new heart to be installed.

Tomei Technical Trax LSD, an essential for Drifting.

thank you to Morgan Beresford from Italy!

Engine Specs:

Tomei Forged Pistons 86.5mm Bore
Tomei H Beam Conroads
Tomei Competition Bearings
Tomei Camshafts 256
Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulleys
Tomei Solid Pivots
Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper
Tomei Metal Head Gasket
Tomei 2 Way LSD
Nismo Engine Mounts
Nismo Transmission Mounts
New OEM Crankshaft
New OEM Oil Pump
New OEM Water Pump


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