Tomei ARMS Turbos Series

The Tomei ARMS Turbo kits are all specifically designed right here at Tomei HQ in Japan.

[Pictured above: Toyota 1JZ M8280 Turbo Kit ]

Each of our kits have been through extensive R&D here at Tomei HQ in Japan. We’ve invested a lot into each and every kit. We have dedicated engineers who design, test, re-evaluate and re-design each and every turbo. Each and every process has been meticulously done, until they are all completely satisfied that it meets their targets to suit the application.

We’ve tested them on the stock engine, and various other setup combinations. To try and emulate all kinds of conditions and possible popular setups that suits the majority of our end users needs.

[Pictured above: Mitsubishi 4G63-M7960 Turbo Kit ]

We’ve gone out of our way to design each and every compressor and exhaust housings ourselves with our brand clearly visible on it.


[Pictured above: Nissan SR20 M7960 Turbo Kit ]

Naturally, it’s not a quick process, nor a cheap one at that. Hence the reason why our products take a long time before we release them. For us, it’s not “just business”, it’s our passion. We’ve dedicated car enthusiasts too. We’ve designed them to be better than what we would like to have in our own cars.

There are many aftermarket brands out there to chose from in the market, recently, a lot of cheaper options. Well, regardless who’s out on the market first. We’re different. If we’re not happy with it, then why push to sell it? Here below, you can see one of our 2 R&D dedicated engine dyno rooms putting one of the prototype turbos through one of many testing phases.