■Valve timing adjusted
■Easy installation
■No necessary to replace to the high performance valve spring
■The new performance in all stages
■Extra ordinal acceleration performance
■Stable idle
■Great with ‘Drift run’
■Best with bolt-on turbine

■The camshaft that have been trusted by professionals for 35years
■Corresponding to the super-high output
■Solid type is now available
■Central lubrication model



EXPREME is the coined word which multiplied EXAUST (exhaust gas) and SUPREME (extreme).
In EXPREME, the exhaust relation items (exhaust manifold / outlet pipe / front pipe / sport catalyzer) which took in the maximum engine development technology of our company are developed and announced.



The Tomei product concept is “To produce a great product for ultimate driving pleasure”. This time our latest product developments have been in these new Titanium exhaust systems. In recent years we have seen a growing trend in clubman racing series and more users enjoying their cars at track events. Seeing that there are power restrictions from the bolt on exhaust systems that are currently available on the market, we have decided to make a better product. Not for just power but for weight reductions and the best value for money product. So here we have our true competition use design exhaust system.



With the exhaust gas powering the compressor turbine, powering more air into each cylinder.
We named our turbo series ARMS for the meaning of arming your car with weapons to take the battle to the circuit.



●Amazing Torque
●Amazing Response
●Heat Resistance
●Unmatched Durability
●Minimal Maintenance